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Display your magicians rare insignia medallion with pride                                           medallion

The Magicians Guild is an enigmatic, members only magic club that  fosters the art of magic for magicians and enthusiasts alike.

The secrets of magic and magicians showmanship are pooled whilst promoting moral and social virtues and encouraging all to conduct oneself with honesty. Thus honouring the ancient magicians oath of Pure Mente et Corpore Magum ( Magician of pure mind and spirit). To never reveal the secrets of magic and to respect our fellow magicians.


Regardless of your age or experience now you have the opportunity to become a member of this elite magic club. Study becoming a magician, its' secrets, its' culture, its' art form. Learn secrets of magic and performing magicdirect from professional magicians. The way of yesteryear! Becoming a magician is not about buying a magic trick from a magic shop or by watching terrible amatuers of youtube. Onemust become not just do.

Being a member of The Magicians Guild will feel like you are in the University of Magic, a magic business coach by your side, a library of magic at your disposal. Underground secrets, techniques and philospophies known only to real magicians. Secrets that have been passed down through the ages by magicians to fellow magicians in an affordable, respectable and practical way.

List of benefits....

One year membership (can be renewed annually)
A Brass Insignia Medallian that can be worn as a necklace.
Hundreds of secrets including card tricks, illusions, extreme
card manipulation, cardistry,street magic...
Artistic directions and production lessons
Secret exclusive memeber only offers
Members number
24/7 access to review and practice more
A beautiful magicians oath scroll that can be framed


Get your medallion and wear it with pride!


For your membership - ...then click on magic club page

POLICY - The Magicians Guild is only distrubuted/sold by The Magicians Cabaret whom can cancel or has the right to refuse membership. Members cannot display any  secret or content from The Magicians Guild Magic club on the internet, public domain or reveal the secret in any form. Secrets to members are received via a Facebook members page. All members must abide by the magicians oath to never reveal the secret and respect fellow magicians.

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